Existing Condition

Existing traffic areas where studied in our analysis, to help determine the existing conditions and impact of area streets, this study included: Yonge Street, Davis Drive, George Street, Kingston Road, Upper Canada Mall.

Areas of interest in the study included:

  • Existing Cycling Network
  • Existing Transit Services
  • Existing Travel Demand
  • Existing transit Ridership
  • Existing Pedestrian Activity

Future Transportation and Land Use (Official Plan Right-of-Way)

The Region of York and Town of Newmarket are planning improvement infrastructure changes to the affected area, some of these transportation improvements include:

  • The Region of York is preparing to widen Yonge Street from two to three-lanes in each direction between Davis Drive and Green Lane. (Planned right-of-way will be in place by 2021)
  • VIVA Rapidways, (York Region Transit) transit lanes
  • HOV Lanes
  • The creations of several new streets in the Yonge/ Davis area
  • Planned New Cycling Infrastructure, Town of Newmarket - design and construction of the Newmarket East-to-West Bikeway
  • Bike lanes and sidewalks with buffers between modes of transportation
  • Better spacing of signalized intersections



Site Design Considerations

With the planned infrastructure improvements. The team at Redwood Properties took this opportunity to further add to the site and surrounding community, these include:

  • Vehicular parking (vehicle parking rates, parking supply)
  • Bicycle parking supply and access
  • Loading areas and placement
  • Site access, including alignment and location of signalized intersections
  • 3 Vehicular access points = Allowing the choice of travelling to/from Yonge St. or George St.
  • Connectivity with future active transportation infractructure

Previously Approved vs. Proposed

  • 291 less units than approved = less cars travelling during peak periods
  • 250 less parking spaces than approved
  • Other travel modes (YRT, GO transit, cycling, walking)
  • Site located near dense retail area with greater chances for walking/ cycling trips


The development will proceed in 3 phases; after each of the first two phases, parking will be assessed to ensure that the supply provided is "right size".

Phasing the development also mitigates disruption of traffic on adjacent roadways along Yonge St and George St.  Construction will be coordinated with the proposed York Region infrastructure improvements in the area. 


Transportation Demand Management

The site is located in an area conducive to non-auto travel from a land use context; in particular, the presence of a wide range of commercial uses and services within walking distance will support reduced automobile travel and increased walking trips by residents. The following TDM measures are recommended at the subject site to encourage travel by alternate modes:

  • Vehicle Parking Charges - Separating the cost of parking from the price of the unit can provide a financial incentive for occupants to consider travel alternatives and the need to own a car.
  • Bicycle Parking - Bicycle parking will be in excess of the town's minimum standard to encourage a greater shift to this travel mode.  Safer cycle routes are planned in the site's vicinity, so potential cyclist - vehicle conflict is kept to a minimum
  • Information Packages - Literature will be provided to each resident upon moving into their unit including; YRT map and schedules, GO transit schedules and "mini schedules" for Newmarket GO station and Newmarket GO bus terminal and cycling/ trail maps published by York region and Newmarket