Sun Shade

Sun shade analyses have been used as a design tool to shape the positioning and massing on the site to minimize shadow impact and capitalize on favorable exposures for usability of outdoor spaces and locating of activity spaces on and around the building. This same consideration has been employed also in the orientation of the garden terraces and indoor space to maximize the availability or exposure of natural light and extend the use of outdoor spaces into the shoulder seasons. We recognized that at certain times of the year shade is more welcome, we used these studies to arrange various activities and features in sunny and shady locations. A variety of public open spaces contribute to a sense of place, healthy community.

Sun Shade Comparison - Approved vs New Proposed


Angular Plane

The east portion of the development faces an established neighbourhood consisting of single family and semi-detached houses.  By breaking down the mass of the building along George St, pushing the density to the west and terracing the building, we improved the relationship between the building to the the neighbourhood. The "Angular Plane", is lowered 37.22° to 31.5°.

This buffer is further improved by providing small scale retail stores and a plaza along George St, creating a strong address and providing a place to meet.