The proposed landscape elements define the outdoor spaces and enhance the interface between the residential and commercial components of the site. The angled building walls draw pedestrians from the adjacent streets towards seating areas within outdoor rooms located between the towers and pavilion block. Decorative paving, deciduous shade trees, and ornamental rain gardens frame these exterior rooms. Arrangements of benches create attractive and comfortable seating areas that encourage pedestrians to pause, interact, and experience the outdoor spaces which link the various commercial and residential blocks. Pathways edged with decorative paving, facilitate safe pedestrian circulation throughout the site. Changes in paving patterns and materials at intersections assist with safe pedestrian crossings. Other features such as the Vertical Planting and Murals located in the building's "fjord" provide a focal point. Rain Gardens located within the plazas and streetscape, support the development's environmental initiatives of storm water detention and evapotranspiration. These rain gardens provide cansual educational opportunities related to 'Low Impact Development'. The design of these rain gardens also provide opportunities to feature these environmentally sustainable elements as examples of public art and focal points for theexterior landscape. Deciduous shade trees and ornamental planting beds along the frontages of the townhomes provide a front yard landscape treatment along the adjacent street. This landscape treatment enhances the architecture of the built form while contributing to a pedestrian scale along the streetscape.