Approved Development "SLESSOR SQUARE"

The approved development "Slessor Square" consists of two towers, 19 and 21 storey at the northwest and southwest corners of the site facing Yonge St.  A 6 storey podium connects both towers to create a retail edge along Yonge St. Two "slab" buildings at 8 and 9 storeys located to the east of the site facing George St. 

A proposed public easement over a private parking garage connects Yonge St. to George St.  dividing the site into 4 quadrants. All above grade buildings were constructed over a proposed 4 level underground parking garage. 

Proposed Development "REDWOOD ON YONGE"

After analyzing the site and previous proposal, the development team at Redwood Properties took a different approach to the massing and character of the building. We considered multiple factors, such as: 

  • Site conditions (High Water Table)
  • Continuity of public and private open spaces
  • Better integration with surrounding commercial and residential areas
  • Better response to future Regional road improvement along Yonge St.
  • Enhanced pedestrian pathways around and through the site with improved street edges and better relationship with adjacent commercial and residential buildings
  • Improving the Angular Plane along George St. edge facing single family homes
  • Improved views between and from residential towers
  • Creation of ± 2 acre roof outdoor landscaped amenity space


The diagram above illustrates the step-by-step evolution of the massing from "Slessor Square" to "Redwood on Yonge".

The diagram above illustrates the step-by-step evolution of the massing from "Slessor Square" to "Redwood on Yonge".


Massing/ Density/ Character

The size and density has not changed from the original approved development.  We carefully redistributed the building's mass to where it needed to be, to enhance and contribute to character of the neighbourhood.

We provided "Solutions by Design", to help truly create a "HUB" for the community, connecting commercial and residential spaces. Strategically providing landscaped parks and plazas to make the site walk-able, and providing retail edges in logical locations in attract business, while maximizing privacy to residence.