approved VS proposed










Approved Development

The approved development consists of two towers of 19 and 21 storeys at the north-west and southwest corners of the site, connected by a “bridge” element along Yonge creating a street wall. Behind the street wall to the east lie an 8 storey residential slab building earmarked for seniors and a 9 storey east west slab building along the north property line. The site is bisected east-west by a proposed public driveway connecting Yonge to George. A north-south pedestrian pathway through the site segments the site development into four quadrants. All above-grade building is built over a proposed four level underground garage.







Proposed Development

Parking Podium

It is proposed that a four storey podium occupy the central portion of the site, enabling minimal construction and long term intervention into the water table and enabling the reinforcement of the solid necessary to support the building(s). Design edges of the parking podium to minimize pedestrian exposure to surface parking and active driveway. Situate parking behind buildings and provide direct sidewalk access to building entrances and lobbies. As discussed in the previous “Edges” the parking podium would be wrapped in commercial and residential uses to normalize the adjacent streets and screen the “industrial” nature of the parade and facilitate pleasant relationships between the perimeter streets and the residences. The east west streets are characterized as clearly residential being lined with two storey townhouses with small yards and porches, entry lobbies to towers above and single loaded apartment blocks above the townhouses. The thicker edge along Yonge Street accommodates commercial/retail uses topped by residential apartments, reminiscent of traditional “Main Streets” developments which are being encouraged by the City of Toronto. The Yonge Street commercial edge is colonnaded to provide further protection to the pedestrians and provide a framework for signage and other identification of retail and residential entities. The George Street frontage is proposed to be a combination of residential and retail, decreasing in height within and back from the approved angular plane.



While the current proposal stays within the approved maximum density on the site, the design consolidates the building areas contained in the slab portions of the approved scheme into a third typical floor tower of 17 storeys thus providing height variation in the towers of 21,
19 and 17 storeys. The towers have been spaced to provide adequate physical and visual separations, alluding to the City of Toronto “Tall Buildings Guidelines” and the tower portion typical floors subscribe to the maximum by-law area of 820 square metres. In addition, the towers are deployed on the podium to maximize clear views past
neighbouring towers and to maximize light and air, visibility and recognition of the tower addresses. All towers are stepped back from the podium base to enable a clear delineation of the base and tower relationship and provide protection from potential wind down drafts that may negatively affect the street experience. Furthermore, the towers, while typical in plan, are rotated to provide variation in facade and exposure, making recognition of “my place” integral with the design.